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Pre-Visit Letter

Thank you for scheduling a visit to Celebration Cinema's IMAX Theatre. Below is important information regarding your group's trip. Please read completely upon receiving, as to avoid any confusion on the day of your event.

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Prior to Your Trip:

Be sure to look over our curriculum framework lesson plans and directions to our theatre.

We try to accommodate as many groups as possible for each show time. If you know that the number of tickets you originally reserved is going to change by more or less than five, please call us with as much advance notice as possible to make this adjustment.

Don't forget concession combos! When you order in advance, groups save about 50% off the regular concession stand rates. The discounted rates will not apply if you do not order in advance, however a limited supply may still be available at the concession stand. The concession stand normally does not open before 10:45 a.m. unless by advanced group request.

Package 1: Child Pop & Popcorn

Package 2: Regular Pop & Popcorn

Payment: We accept credit cards, checks or cash. If special arrangements have been made for your group to pay on the day of your event, your money must be in one lump sum to expedite the check-in process.

Refund Policy: We make every effort to re-schedule your group due to unforeseen circumstances such as inclement weather, bus breakdowns, etc. If you need an adjustment in the number of tickets purchased, please alert the concierge when you arrive. No refunds can be issued after the start time of the film.

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The Day of Your Trip:

Please arrive at least 20-30 minutes before the start of your film. We cannot delay the start time without disrupting the schedule of other groups, so please be early!

If you are visiting our Lansing or Portage Theatre, please have the bus drop off at the main entrance. If you are visiting our Grand Rapids Theatre, please have the bus drop off at the West entrance (back of building).

Have your class enter in a line and stay together as a group.

Appoint one person to check in your group at the Concierge desk, located in the center of the lobby. Any final adjustments to your invoice must be made prior to the film's start. No refunds can be given after the movie has started.

We need your help in keeping your class quiet as they line up to go to the IMAX Theatre. Often there are films playing in other auditoriums and noisy groups can be disruptive.

We like to seat groups together and you can assist by positioning a leader at the front of your line and instructing students to go to the end of the row and fill every seat.

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Special Needs

Our theatres are handicap accessible. Please let us know upon arrival if anyone in your group will need wheelchair seating so that we can put the rest of your group next to that area. These are some of the best seats in the house!  Descriptive Audio and Closed Captioning may also be available.  Ask you theatre for details.

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3-D Pointers

3D Glasses

We offer several 3-D films that we think you'll find truly spectacular!

Each person will be issued a pair of 3-D glasses at the door to the IMAX Theatre. The arms on these glasses do not fold; attempting to do so might break them.

Each pair of special polarized glasses costs the theatre $60. Please treat them carefully and return all pairs upon exiting the theatre.

Hold your head up straight for the best 3-D effect. Tilting or turning your head can result in seeing double.

A small percentage of people, due to various visual impairments, are unable to see 3-D. These people should still use the 3-D glasses, which will enable them to see a clear and vivid 2 dimensional presentation of the film.

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