see movies. be rewarded.

how the program works:

step one:

sign up

Sign up at theatre, at, or on our mobile app.

step two:

see movies

Everytime you visit the theatre you will earn points for all ticket, food, and beverage purchases!

step three:

be rewarded

Save instantly on select food and beverage purchases, and be prepared for surprise rewards to be added to your account!

become a member

Register below to become a member. After you register, stop by any of our theatres to pick up your membership card.
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rewards & benefits

"It is very rewarding" - Boyhood, 2014

Instantly save on our concession combos, and on select featured food and beverage items all week long. Items vary per location, and change on a regular basis, so visit your favorite theatre to find what items are featured today!

As an added bonus, visit us Monday - Thursday to save even more with these weekday perks!

Earn 10 points for every dollar spent on tickets, food, and beverage purchases. The more points you earn, the more surprise rewards added to your account! Some surprise rewards include free Pepsi, Popcorn, and Movie Tickets! Achieve 7,500 points in a calendar year to unlock Celebrity Status and double your rewards!

As a special gift to celebrate your birthday, we will give you a FREE Pepsi or Popcorn - your choice! No hassling with coupons - a notification is emailed to you and the reward is automatically added to your account!

We know every movie-goer is unique, so we're customizing perks just for you based on the movies you see and the food and beverage items you buy at the theatre! Some of the great bonuses include:

  • Invitations to Screenings & Events
  • Opportunities to Win Movie Prize Packs
  • Special In Theatre Giveaways

celebrity level*

"Being a celebrity, excitement, special privileges...." - To Rome With Love, 2012

  • DOUBLE The Surprise Rewards!
  • EXTRA $1 Off All Weekday Perk Items!
  • BONUS - We Upgrade Your Birthday Gift to a FREE Movie Ticket!
  • FIRST Opportunity to Register for Select Contests, Screenings, & Events!
  • FREE Real Butter On Your Popcorn!


C Rewards is free to join for those 13 or over. Join by signing up online, or at any Celebration Cinema location. Must be a fully registered member to receive surprise rewards, birthday gifts, custom perks, and achieve celebrity level perks. Required information for a fully registered member include name, mobile number, birthdate, and email address. To earn points, your C Rewards Card must be presented before purchasing your tickets or concessions. No points will be added at any time other than when presented at the time of a purchase. Should you forget your card, we can look you up with your mobile number. Members earn 10 points for every dollar spent on tickets and/or concessions. Points are NOT earned on purchases of gift cards, G.O.L.D. tickets, alcohol, gratuity, party rooms or theater rentals, or for the redemption of G.O.L.D Tickets or combos. You will earn points if you are purchasing tickets or concessions with a gift card. Celebration! Cinema does not share personal information provided, but will use it to notify you of any additional offers or discounts. Celebration Cinema reserves the right to change or cancel this program at any time.

Why did you change the program?

Over the years, we’ve heard your concerns about point limits, inability to earn points on concession purchases, and more. We’re pleased our new program addresses many of those concerns, and others.

When will this change happen?

We’re still ironing out all of the behind-the-scenes details to ensure an easy transition from the Big Screen Movie Club to C! Rewards. We’ll have more info soon, but in the meantime ask a cast member to verify that your name, email address, mobile phone number, and birthdate are correct in the system! If these pieces are missing from your file, you will not be a full member of the new program.

Why do I need to register an account and give you an email address? I didn’t have to do that before.

To get the most out of your membership, we need to know more about you. Many of the surprise rewards and perks are custom tailored, and we need a name, email address, mobile phone number, and birthdate for you to get the maximum benefits of the program. We promise to never sell or share your information – it’s safe with us!

I don’t have an email and/or mobile phone number. Can I still be a member?

If you don’t have a fully registered account, you’ll still receive access to select member pricing benefits, but you’ll miss out on surprise rewards, birthday gifts, and custom perks. We highly recommend being a fully registered member to get the maximum benefit of your membership. You can substitute a home phone number for a mobile number – we also use this information to look up your account if you don’t have your card. You can also always sign up for a free email account and access those rewards and information by using a computer at a local library if you don’t have a smart phone or internet access.

Can I see and update my information online with this program?

Yes! Check out the new version of the Big Screen Movie Club website! Visit to log into your account to see your past 90 days of movie viewing, points until your next reward, points until you hit Celebrity status, and update your information. You’ll need your account info and the mobile phone number you provided at registration to log in and set up your account. Many of these features and more will also be available with the new C! Rewards website when we launch it.

Can we earn points for more than two tickets now?

Absolutely! Points now will be based on dollars spent on tickets, food, and beverage purchases! As a member, you will receive 10 points for every dollar spent at the theatre (excluding gift cards, GOLD tickets, and alcohol purchases) – rounded to the nearest dollar!

How many points do I need to earn a free ticket?

C! Rewards points help you to achieve Celebrity status, but are not tied directly to rewards. We’ll still feature free tickets (and many concession items) as surprise rewards in the new program. The more you visit, the more surprises you’ll receive!

How will my BSMC points be converted in the new C! Rewards program?

We’ll handle all of the conversions for you when the program changes! We’ll take your current year-to-date points and will give you 16.7 C! Rewards points for each Big Screen Movie Club point. For example, if you had 410 BSMC points, you’ll be brought into C! Rewards with 6,847 points – and would only need 653 more points to reach Celebrity status!

Why don’t I get points for Gift Card purchases?

Points can only be awarded when a gift card is redeemed, so encourage the person you’re gifting to become a member to earn points and rewards. As a special bonus for you, we do offer a FREE movie ticket with every $100 spent on gift cards at the theatre (must be purchased in the same transaction). The FREE ticket bonus is not available for online gift card purchases.

Will I get points now for D-BOX, Premiere Seats, and 3D upcharges?

Yes, any dollar spent on one of these premium experiences will now also receive points in C! Rewards. You’ll also receive more points for IMAX, Met Opera tickets, and other specialty priced events.

When I buy my tickets online or through the Celebration! App, will I be able to use my card to get my points?

Buying tickets in advance and reserving your favorite seat is a way to enhance the movie-going experience, and we want to reward you for those purchases too! We’ll still offer points for purchases at, and are making changes to the Celebration! App to allow points for those purchases, too. We’ll also be giving points on the online convenience fee as an added feature!

Can I save up my tickets to use all at once like I used to do?

You absolutely can still use multiple rewards in a visit! In C! Rewards, there will be expiration dates on many of the surprise rewards and custom perks, but as long as you use them before the expiration date, you’re welcome to save them for a big night out.

What happens to the Big Screen Movie Club Rewards that I had on my account?

We’ll automatically carry over all of your existing earned rewards into your C! Rewards account! You’ll have until December 31st, 2017 to use any of these rewards you’ve saved.