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We believe every guest should have a great experience at the movies. That’s why our theatres are built to be accessible as possible.

Theater Ears

Family members who prefer Spanish can watch movies in the movie theater & get movie news in their own language with the TheaterEars App. Download here.

Wheelchair & Companion Seating

Each of our theatres has convenient space dedicated for those needing wheelchairs. Seats on either side of those spaces are only available for purchase when buying a wheelchair space, so you never have to worry about whether your family or friends will be able to hold your hand during the scary parts.

Bring the Baby

It’s hard to watch a movie and a little one at the same time. But that’s what Bring the Baby is all about! It’s a screening designed for parents and caregivers, plus their little bundles of joy.

Sensory Showtimes
Lights up, sound down, open captioning and limited previews. Enjoy the big screen experience in an accepting and accessible environment.
Audio Descriptions
Celebration Cinema is happy to offer audio description services for most of our showtimes. Providing guests with a verbal narration of key visual aspects of the movie. Any one of our crew can help you locate a device.
Closed Captioning
For most of our shows we offer a personal open caption device that sits in the cupholder. Any one of our crew can help you locate a device.
Assisted Listening Device
Available for most of our showtimes, our assisted listening devices amplify the audio for the listener. Any one of our crew can help you locate a device.