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What are your hours?

The best way to plan your trip is to visit the cinema locations page on our website, pick the day, the movie, and the time you'd like to come. START HERE.

New refillable popcorn buckets and popcorn cards are on sale now. You can purchase popcorn to go at any theatre during showtimes!

What is the price of refillable popcorn buckets, popcorn cards and party bags?

$25 for a giant party bag

$40 for a bucket OR popcorn card

$55 for a bucket OR popcorn card and $20 gift Card 

$62 for a bucket OR popcorn card, $20 gift card, and blanket
*buckets expire April 1, 2022

Popcorn cards are available to purchase online: ORDER NOW

What is the BEST way to buy a ticket? 

We strongly encourage buying tickets online and in advance. This will ensure you have tickets, speed up entry lines and minimize touch points for sales transactions.

Are concessions open indoors?

Yes! Concessions can be consumed on site, and in the theatre. They're also still available for takeout! 

Can I bring my own food or drink in?

No outside food or drink is allowed.

Are masks required? 

Masks are no longer required for guests per the MDHHS. Celebration employees will be wearing masks. 

Can I rent a private theatre?

Yes! More information on how to book one is located here: GET STARTED.

What if my question isn't here?

C Rewards FAQ's: HERE

GETTY drive-in FAQ's: HERE

Private Showtimes FAQ's: HERE

Sunset Cinema FAQ's: HERE

Can I get popcorn delivered?

Yes! We're on Uber Eats within 5 miles of these locations. Click on the links for exact hours: 

Celebration North: ORDER HERE

Celebration at Studio Park: ORDER HERE

Celebration Lansing: ORDER HERE / Curbside pickup: 517-777-0357

Can I buy gift cards to help support my local cinema? 

But of course! Buy online here: ORDER NOW.

Will you accept expired GOLD tickets from 2020?

Yes! Expired 2020 Gold tickets and combos will be accepted through 12/31/2021! We cannot accept them online but we are able to in person, at the theatre.

Do you accept cash? 

Yes, however we encourage buying tickets in advance online. 

Covid Policy

In a changing COVID-19 environment, Celebration Cinema will continue to meet or exceed state and local public health requirements. 

What are you doing to clean theatres?   

We’ve always prided ourselves on the cleanest public restrooms and facilities in the area.  Having said that, we are taking our cleaning practices up a notch with continual attention to sanitizing high-touch areas like doors, counters, arm rests and payment areas and by performing deep cleaning overnight.  

How is air re-circulated or cleaned?  

We have ERVs (Energy Recovery Ventilation) units that bring in outdoor air, pre-cools it and dehumidifies during the summer.  This improves air quality and cleanliness while saving energy.  We care about air quality all the time.