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NEW FOR 2020:

Together with our entire national industry, Celebration Cinema has been working diligently on safety protocols that will ensure cinemas model how to open responsibly. We are continuously evaluating local, state and federal guidelines to assure we remain leaders in providing a safe, clean and fun atmosphere for all.  These daily procedures will provide a safe and enjoyable environment that will allow our community to escape into a story, reconnect with each other and build some great new memories. As always,  we remain committed to our employees, guests and local community. We look forward to seeing you at the movies! 

What is the BEST way to buy a ticket?

We strongly encourage buying tickets online and in advance. This will ensure you have tickets (seating will be limited), speed up entry lines and minimize touch points for sales transactions. To support this, we are temporarily waiving the service fee for online ticket sales at celebrationcinema.com. 

What is the BEST way to order food?

We strongly encourage advance ordering of food & beverage through our app or online at celebrationcinema.com to minimize lines and for delivery of theatre snacks direct to your reserved seat.

Are the box office and concession stand open? 

Our Box Office is closed in locations where it is separate from the concession stand. the concession stand is open for all ticket, food, and beverage purchases.   

Do you accept cash?

No. Please plan to purchase tickets and/or movie snacks in advance online or make use of a credit, debit or gift cards on site.

Are masks required?

Per executive order and recommendations from the CDC, please wear a mask in lobbies & theatres.  As with restaurants, you are welcome to remove masks in theatre auditoriums while seated and enjoying your popcorn & movie treats! 

Will Celebration open to full capacity? 

We will be operating with reduced seating capacity in accordance with guidelines and recommendations provided by the CDC, local government and health officials.  Guests can anticipate a minimum of 6 feet of spacing between their group and other groups being seated.  We are requiring at least two seats to be left empty between each group of guests. In cinemas with traditional seating, we are only selling every other row.

What are you doing to clean theatres?  

We’ve always prided ourselves on the cleanest public restrooms and facilities in the area.  Having said that, we are taking our cleaning practices up a notch with continual attention to sanitizing high-touch areas like doors, counters, arm rests and payment areas and by performing deep cleaning overnight. 

How is air re-circulated or cleaned? 

We have ERVs (Energy Recovery Ventilation) units that bring in outdoor air, pre-cools it and dehumidifies during the summer.  This improves air quality and cleanliness while saving energy.  We care about air quality all the time. 



I paid for a full month of VIP but you were closed, will you make up for this?  

Your VIP card has already been re-activated, and is good for any Celebration Cinema, including the Getty Drive In in Muskegon. You will NOT be billed for your VIP membership until October 2020.  

Are you extending the use of my refillable bucket? 

We will honor buckets through October 1st.

Are you extending the use of my popcorn voucher?

We will honor popcorn vouchers through October 4th.

Will you extend the use of the $5 vouchers that expired during the shutdown?

We will extend expired vouchers that will now be good till October 31st. 

Will you lower the point threshold to reach Celebrity status?

The new threshold is 3,500 points for this year. 

My birthday happened during the shutdown can I still get a voucher? 

We will add a birthday voucher to your account, HBD! 



Why aren’t show times posted for the upcoming weekend?

New movies are released every weekend.  The updated movie schedule will be posted to our website, app and social media every Tuesday afternoon for the upcoming Thursday through Wednesday. 

I already bought tickets to a movie, but now I can’t go. Can I still get my money back? 

We are happy to either switch your tickets to a date that works for you or refund your money up to a half hour into the showtime. Give the theatre a call and we can take care of this within a few minutes. If you bought your tickets online, through our mobile app, or over the phone, the convenience fee is nonrefundable. 

What's your R-Rated Policy? 

Guests must be 17 years or older to purchase tickets to R-Rated movies. A valid driver's license or state-issued ID is required for proof of age. Children under 17 require an accompanying parent or adult guardian. The accompanying parent or guardian must purchase the ticket(s) and remain with the child(ren) throughout the entire R-Rated movie. Celebration Cinema allows guests age 21 or older to serve as adult guardians and may accompany up to 4 minors. In our efforts to create a more comfortable environment, children under the age of 6 will not be admitted to R-Rated movies 

How long will a movie play? 

The length in which a movie is played in the theatre is determined by film contracts with movie distributors, what new movies are being released and attendance.  We encourage you to check the website or the Celebration Cinema app frequently to see if a movie is still available.

I’d like to work at Celebration Cinema, how do I apply? 

We’d love to talk to you about joining the Celebration team. You can find our Career website page HERE and apply online. 

I have a concealed weapon/open carry permit, will I be permitted to carry a firearm in your theatre? 

Open carry and/or concealed firearms are not allowed on our private property (in accordance with Michigan Law MCL 750.552) unless a guest is a certified law enforcement officer, able to provide valid police identification and badge. All others must secure their weapon in their vehicle. 

Can I bring my backpack or duffel bag into the theatre? 

We ask guests to store their backpacks, shopping bags or any bag (other than a typical size purse) in their vehicle and not bring it into our theatres. We can also hold bags in a secure location if storing them in a vehicle is impossible. We also reserve the right to search any bag, including purses. 

Why are tickets, food and beverages so expensive? 

We are required to give a large percentage of the movie ticket price to the film distributor for permission to show the movie. Concession sales help pay to run a clean and safe building with state-of-the-art technology, pay employees, purchase goods, make repairs, and provide a space where stories and wonderful experience take place.  

Why isn’t a certain movie playing at my theater? 

Whether a movie plays locally is determined by if it is a wide or limited release movie.  A wide release movie has a very large marketing budget, so the film distributor releases to almost all theatres across the nation.  Limited release movies have very small budgets and are released in large cities only.  It is possible for the limited release movies to expand into medium and small cities if attendance is strong.  

Do you have captioning for those who are deaf or hard of hearing? 

Yes, we have Captiview closed captioning devices available for guests upon request.  We also offer Descriptive Video Services available for those who are blind or have limited vision. 

How can I get my business advertised in the preshow? 

National CineMedia (NCM) handles all of the advertising that plays on our screens. You can find contact information for NCM HERE

I’d like to bring a large group to the movies, can I get a discount? 

We love hosting groups for movies and offer discounts on tickets and concession prices for groups of 15 people or more.  Whether it’s a classroom fieldtrip, business gathering, birthday party or some other special event, we are ready to host your group!  Click HERE to find out more about group events. 

Why are you charging me a fee for online ticket purchases? 

The convenience fee contributes to the cost of the software and labor required to process payments on our website. Advantages to buying tickets online are knowing what seats are available and then securing them! Other benefits include, not having to arrive early in order to get a good seat, and being able to bypass the box office line and going straight to the usher to have your tickets scanned. There is still no added fee when buying in person at the box office. 

Can I wear my Darth Vader costume into the theatre? 

Non medical masks, decoration or make-up that obscure the face are not allowed on guest over the age of 12. Costumes or clothing that could reasonably make others feel uncomfortable are not allowed. Weapons, authentic or not, are not allowed. If you have further questions as to what is allowed or not, we encourage you to call the theatre directly.